G&G Manufacturing Company serves a variety of industries.

  roller chain sprockets pulleys, sprockets  military components   

Here are just a few.

Countless Agricultural industries depend on G&G to provide non-stop performance. From sun up to sun down, G&G parts can be found on farms from forty acres to forty thousand.                      

Material Handling:
G&G can help lighten the load in conveyor systems, hoists, cranes, vertical lifts, elevators, forklifts; - anything that needs to move materials needs G&G parts.

G&G has been responding to the demands of the food service industry for many years, and can quickly accommodate special orders. 

You don’t have to dig very deep to find G&G in the mining industry: From coal to salt mines, you’ll find dependable G&G parts.

Lawn & Garden:
G&G parts “make the cut” in many lawn & garden applications.  
Pulp & Paper Mills:
Any application can be assisted with hard working G&G parts.

Air, Land & Sea:
G&G parts meet the exacting demands of today’s military with a price tag much lower than their performance.

G&G Offers a variety of capabilities including:

• High quality custom parts. Your drawings, your quantities. Your specifications.
• Sprocket and Gear hobbing 5’ in diameter.
• Extensive broaching capabilities
• Tooth and gear hardening. Welding of your parts. Blanchard Grinding to 10’. 
 Made to order sprockets