Universal Joints / Yokes

G&G MANUFACTURING COMPANY manufactures and stocks complete universal joints in North American sizes. Included are round to round, round to tube weld, spline to square and spline to rectangle. Also manufactured and stocked by G&G are round bore yokes, bar weld and tube weld yokes, torque weld tube yokes, snap hitch yokes, collar ball snap hitch yokes, ball bearing type shear yokes, shear pin yokes, hexagon bore yokes, spline bore yokes and clamp type yokes, square bore yokes, double key yokes and slip sleeve yokes, slip sleeves and repair kits for all sizes stocked.

Of course as the inventors of Weldahub®Weldasprocket®  Weldapulley®, and  WELDAJOINTS®.

In complete universal joints and yokes. Bushings are available in round bore, square bore, spline bore, hexagonal bore, rectangular bore, star bore and a pin snap hitch bushing. A simple weld allows you to make many nonstandard or special types of yokes or universal joints.

In the NOVA IMPORT LINE we offer tarp universal joints, stub shafts, and block and pin universal joints. Safety is paramount. Tarp joints, spline stubs and pin universal joints are meant to be manually powered only.

G&G Manufacturing can deliver what you need. Contact us with any questions or send us a quote request.