USA and NOVA IMPORT LINE WELDAHUBS® are offered in round bore, (metric and standard) square bore, spline bore, and hexagonal bore. Most popular sizes are stocked.

Coupler hubs are stocked as well, these hubs are designed to make a coupler to connect two separate shafts of either the same or different sizes and bore styles.All you need to do is choose the WELDAHUB®  or WELDAJOINT® Bushing for each shaft needed and assemble with the appropriate Coupler Hub. Also available are OEM bore WELDAHUBS®. These hubs are designed to be used with G&G WELDASPROCKETS® in applications that require a specific length through bore.

Round bore OEM Weld on Hubs are furnished with standard keyways and 2 set screws.  Double Pulley Hubs are designed to be used with WELDAPULLEYS® to create double groove pulleys in many bore sizes and styles. Double Hubs are stocked for 50 and 60 series WELDASPROCKETS® to produce a welded construction double chain sprocket. Idler Hubs, are stocked in W and X series and come prepackaged with a 1/2" reducer bushing. They allow any WELDASPROCKET®to be made into an idler sprocket.

Split Lock Hubs are used with X series WELDASPROCKETS® in applications that experience severe operational conditions, such as high shock load, or reversing. Up to 1-1/2’’ Round bore sizes  with standard keyway and set screw. These are available by quote only. Click here to request a quote.

G&G Manufacturing can deliver what you need. Contact us with any questions or send us a quote request.