Wheel Hub Assemblies

G&G MANUFACTURING COMPANY manufactures and stocks many wheel hub and spindle assemblies, and components. Wheel hubs are all matched to their corresponding spindles. Load ratings range from 1250 lbs to 19000 lbs. capacity. 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 bolt patterns are available in stock, with 4.5" to 11.25" circle dimensions. Pilots ranging from 2.62" to 8.66" are stocked. Wheel hub assembly components stocked are bearing cones, bearing cups, grease seals, hub caps, wheel bolts, wheel nuts. Spindle assembly components stocked are; cotter pins, nuts and washers.


Standard Spindles for Wheel Hub Assemblies are precision machined

from hot rolled, high strength, 1045 or equivalent carbon steel. 


Wheel Hubs precision machined for bearings and seals from a


high quality gray iron casting, G-3000 or equivalent.


Only the best tapered roller bearings available are used in our


Wheel Hubs.


The very best quality grease seals available are used in our


Wheel Hubs.


Only high strength, grade “5” wheel studs and lugs are used on G&G


Manufacturing Company Wheel Hubs.


Wheel Hub Capacities as stated in this section are in relation to the

static gross capacity on a free rolling wheel at normal tractor speeds

up to and not exceeding 20 MPH. Stated hub capacities are based on

20,000 mile, B-120 bearing life and 14,000 PSi maximum fiber stress

on the spindle in the bearing and seal area. Not to be used for Tandem

or Steering applications.


Custom designed Wheel Hubs or Hub packages which contain other

than the appropriate standard components and require engineering

approved modifications, are considered special and require special

pricing. Contact the G&G Manufacturing Company sales department to

obtain a quote on your specific needs.


This is the basic machined Wheel Hub with bearing cups pressed in

(studded versions have the studs pressed in also). It includes all the

appropriate standard components; bearing cups, bearing cones, wheel

bolts or nuts, grease seal and hub cap that come with a standard

hub package.


These include the basic machined hub with bearing cups pressed in

(again, the studs as well on studded versions) and any combination of

bearing cups, bearing cones, wheel bolts or nuts, grease seal and

hub cap.


Spindle and Spindle Components are also offered by G&G Manufacturing

Company as part of our complete Wheel Hub Line.