USA and NOVA IMPORT LINE WELDAHUBS® are offered in round bore, (standard and metric) square bore, spline bore, and hexagonal bore. Most popular sizes are stocked. Use with G&G WELDASPROCKETS® and WELDAPULLEYS®, and many other power transmission uses.

Also available are OEM Weld On Hubs. These hubs are designed to be used with G&G WELDASPROCKETS® in applications that require a specific length through bore. Round bore OEM Weld on Hubs are furnished with standard keyways and 2 set screws.

Double Pulley Hubs are designed to be used with WELDAPULLEYS® to create double groove pulleys in many bore sizes and styles.

Double Hubs are stocked for 50 and 60 series WELDASPROCKETS® to produce a welded construction double chain sprocket.

Idler Hubs, are stocked in W and X series and come prepackaged with a 1/2" reducer bushing. They allow any WELDASPROCKET®to be made into an idler sprocket.

Coupler hubs are stocked as well, these hubs are designed to make a coupler to connect two separate shafts of either the same or different sizes and bore styles. All you need to do is choose the WELDAHUB®  or WELDAJOINT® Bushing for each shaft needed and assemble with the appropriate Coupler Hub.    

Split Lock Hubs are used with X series WELDASPROCKETS® in applications that experience severe operating conditions, such as high shock load, or reversing. Up to 1-1/2’’ Round bore sizes  with standard keyway and set screw. These are available by quote only.

G&G Manufacturing Company can modify any of these items or make a special made to order version to your specifications or prints. Contact us with any questions or send us a quote request.

Manufactured in the USA by G&G Manufacturing Company.